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How to log in into GST Portal?

GST Portal India

The Indian government has launched the GST portal. It makes it possible for people to finish their tax forms online. It eliminates the need for the payer to visit the tax authorities by saving time and offering technical help.

The GST portal is simple to use. It enables taxpayers to submit their GST returns without the aid of a professional. In India, the GST (goods and services tax) has primarily supplanted other indirect taxes. After being approved in 2017, the good and services tax Registration has been put into effect.

GST is an indirect tax that applies to the entire country, transforming India into a single common market. A single tax is applied to the delivery of both commodities and services.

What is the GST portal?

The GST Portal is the official website of the Indian government, located at GST Protal  You may view your consent GST data after registering and logging in. Users may register their taxes, file returns, make payments, and get refunds through this service. Additionally, the user has access to several GST-related analyses and can terminate their registration. This portal is used for GST login.

Additionally, they get significant notices from the government. Users of this portal can reply to such notifications. Taxpayers are encouraged to file their own returns using this link. The user is not in need of outside assistance.

How to Register on GST Portal?

Visit the official GST website
at GST Protal , then select Services > Registration > New Registration from the Services menu. Enter your email address, mobile number, and any other required information (including your PAN number) on the registration page. After providing the information, click continue.

Guide on How to Login to the GST Portal?

There are some steps for GST portal login you must follow:

  • Step 1: Open the GST website at GST Protal and click the Login link in the top right corner.
  • Step 2: After you have logged in, now enter your username, password, and fill in the captcha code, then hit “Login.”
  • Step 3: You may now view your dashboard. Notices, GST Payable, and return filing choices are among the items you can access.
  • Step 4: When you’re a new user, click the “Here” button next to “First Time Login.” Next, enter your password and Provisional ID, User ID, GSTIN, UIN, or GSTP ID. After that, click “Login.”

Steps to GST login for an EXISTING user

Follow these steps for GST online login if you are an existing user:

  • Visit GST Registration Protal and enter your Goods and services tax portal login password after clicking the Login symbol in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click “Log in” after entering your captcha code generator, password, and GST login
  • You will be sent to your GST portal dashboard following a successful login. You may view the ledger balances for your GST input tax credits and tax liabilities under the corresponding headings: Electronic Liability Register, Electronic Cash Ledger, and Electronic Credit Ledger. Additionally, there are two options visible on the screen: File Request and Pay Tax.

This method can be used for GST filing login

Steps to GST login for a new user:

 Follow these steps for new GST login:

  • Go to to access the GST common portal login in India.
  • Choose Registration from the Services tile and then choose New Registration.
  • In the GST Registration procedure, complete all the fields and submit all the required paperwork.
  • Following the completion of the GST Registration procedure, an ARN Number will be assigned. When logging into the GST site, the applicant must enter this number.
  • The applicant will not be able to utilize any other services on the GST online portal at this time; he may only view or follow the status of his application or examine the application form he filled out.
  • The applicant will then be given a 15-digit GSTIN, or a unique identification number when the application has been accepted by the responsible official in charge.
  • With the aid of the password sent by the GSTN portal network to his/her registered email address, the applicant can now attempt to enter the GST site using the GSTIN. The user may then access all of GSTN’s capabilities and alter his preferred GST Portal login ID and password after that.

How to check registration application status?

  • First, go to the GST website’s official portal.
  • Go to the services tab next. You may find a header with the word “register” on this tab.
  • Next, select one of the three choices available by clicking the registration header: new registration, application for filing clarifications, and track application status.
  • After that, select “Track Application Status” and type your ARN into the appropriate field. Now click on search by entering the captcha.
  • You will quickly see the GST registration status on the screen if you input the correct code without any mistakes or spaces. However, each terminology denotes a distinct set of data.

GST E-Way Bill System

When moving goods worth more than Rs. 50,000 for supply-related purposes, for purposes other than supply, or as a result of an inward supply from an unregistered person, GST-registered individuals and enrolled transporters can use the E-Way bill system to generate the waybill (a document that must be carried by the person in charge of conveyance) electronically.

How to file for cancellation of GST registration in Portal?
  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the GST.
  • Step 2: A drop-down menu will appear on your dashboard under the service chosen. Application for Cancellation of GST Registration may be found under Registration.

    Three sub-headings will show up if you choose “Application for Cancellation of Registration”:

    • Simple details
    • Cancellation information
    • Verification
    • Step 3: Complete the necessary information and then press the “Save and Continue” button. If your company’s address and the address for future communications are the same, choose “Same as the above.”
    • Step 4: Specify the cause for the GST registration’s cancellation. You will be given the following choices when indicating why you want to cancel your GST registration.

    Changes to the business’s organizational structure that affect PAN;

    • Ceased to be subject to taxation;
    • Business shutdown or a decline in sales Other;
    • Transfer of a business due to a merger, separation, sale, lease, or other events;
    • A solitary proprietor died;
Who should register and log in for GST?
  • Individuals who are listed as Pre-GST legislation participants (i.e., Excise, VAT, Service Tax, etc.)
  • Businesses whose annual revenue exceeds the threshold level of Rs. 40 lakh, Rs. 20 lakh, or Rs. 10 lakh, depending on the situation
  • A non-resident taxable person or casual taxpayer
  • Supplier’s representatives and input service distributors
  • People who are paying taxes with the help of the reverse charge system.
  • A supplier through an e-commerce aggregator/seller
  • Every online store’s aggregator
  • When someone who is not a registered taxable person provides online information and database access or retrieval services to a person in India from anywhere outside of India.
How can Mark-O-Legal Help You with GST?

Mark-O-Legal can help you register your GST as well as file your GST returns in a more hassle-free way.


Yes, you can do as follows:-

  • Visit the GST website “”.
  • Select “Register Now”
  • Click on the TRN option.

enter TRN, then continue

A non-resident taxable person or casual taxpayer

Supplier’s representatives and input service distributors

Individuals who pay taxes via the reverse charge system

A supplier through an e-commerce aggregator

Every online store’s aggregator

Using your login information, you may access your GST site and go to the ‘Service’ area. Make the necessary adjustments by selecting “Amendment of Registration” under the “Service” section. Once the changes have been made, you will need to confirm them using the OTP that was provided to your registered email address and cell phone number.

Whenever your GST account becomes locked, you may re-set the password by doing so and then following the on-screen directions. Using the new password, you can log into your GST portal when the passcode has been reset.

  • Step 1- Log into the GST portal and go to the services tab, now click on the registration, and amendment of registration.
  • Step 2- Click on the promoters tab.
  • Step 3- Now update the email address or the phone number whichever you wish.
  • Access the GST Portal.
  • Click on Services > Registration > Modification of Registration Core Fields.
  • Now select the principal place of business.
  • Enter the justification for modifying the details in the “Reasons” field.
  • Choose the Amendment Date. On the Save and Continue button.
  • Select the authorized signatory, input the location, then sign the application using DSC, E-sign, or EVC after selecting the verification option.
  • Now the message for process success will be sent to the registered email address and the mobile number along with the copy of the acknowledgment.

At last, the tax officer holds the power for the decision of accepting or rejecting the request.

  • STEP 1: Go to to access the GST India portal.
  • STEP 2: In the necessary area, enter the right “Username” and “Password” information as well as the captcha, and then click “Login”.
  • STEP 3: Select the Services -> User Services button
  • Download/View the Certificate.
  • STEP 4: To get the certificate, click the “Download” option on the screen. All of the information about the tax transactions is contained in the certificate.

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